The most common question that I get is “Who do you treat?” The categories are specific, yet undefinable. Most have lifestyles of success which are envied by many and understood by few. Here are just a few of the scenarios or profiles of people with whom I have been privileged to help:

A CEO who was slurring speech at a board meeting, a spouse whose drug abuse was threatening custody, a student who was failing college because of drug use, a star athlete who got a DUI, a celebrity whose depression was career ending, a superstar who was petrified of performing. My phone rings. And the calls are almost always the same, stressing discretion, privacy, and expediency. “We need you to come to us…we’ve tried everything…going away for 30 days isn’t an option.”

While weekly therapy and rehabs are the standard, they don’t work for everyone. Privacy in the age of cellphone postings and social media is challenging. When you add the prospect of disappointing clients or fans, losing millions of dollars, and worrying friends and family…my phone rings…and most often, I jump on a plane.