Dr. Susie Gross offers three unique, highly-customizable private programs:

Exclusive private rehab to treat addiction

For individuals, who are addicted to drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, work and are also suffering with depression, anxiety or other mental health issues, Dr. Gross offers a highly individualized, exceptionally private, 12-14-day time retreat. The daily focus is on stemming addiction and restoring emotional and physical balance by taking a holistic approach to healing (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual). Individuals must meet the criteria, available upon request.

This is not a private treatment center. This is an exclusive, private program, individually tailored to the needs of each client. Unlike most treatment centers that use a group therapy model, sessions are uniquely-tailored and uniquely-private to meet the needs of the individual.

  • 24-hour access to Dr. Susie Gross, a private licensed psychologist and internationally certified addictions counselor. Dr. Gross is uniquely trained and certified to help individuals, who are dually addicted to drugs and alcohol and suffering from psychological issues
  • A certified personal trainer, customized cuisine, luxury amenities, access to technology; luxury accommodations are carefully matched to individual needs
  • Integrative, immersive therapy, including mindfulness and adventure therapy
  • Relapse prevention sessions and strategies, using the work of Terence T. Gorski
  • Aftercare planning and therapy in-person or via Skype (e-therapy)

Customized treatment plans in luxury accommodations are carefully selected for each individual. Each program is structured to fit the individual’s needs.

Exclusive private retreat to treat EXHAUSTION

Often executives, celebrities, and high profile individuals need a time-out to regroup, recharge, relax and recover away from the inquiring eye. Dr. Gross constructs exclusive, 6-day retreats from Miami to Malibu where individuals catch their breaths in a safe and secure cocoon. Email Dr. Gross for more information.

This program includes:

  • 24-hour access to Dr. Gross and skilled team
  • Comprehensive daily individual integrative psychotherapy using best-practice models
  • Daily recreation, as desired, with a personal trainer, including yoga, walking, weight training, cardio
  • Rest, relaxation, and recovery

Exclusive 10-Day Young Adult Program to treat BEHAVIORAL ISSUES

This highly individualized, one-on-one behavioral rehab, is designed for adolescents and young adults with behavioral issues (anger, acting out, defiance) and co-occurring disorders (depression, anxiety, attention deficit disorder).

This program includes:

  • 24-hour monitoring by both Dr. Gross and her compassionate and skilled team
  • Comprehensive daily individual integrative psychotherapy using best-practice models, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Art Therapy, Positive Psychology, Narrative Therapy and Humanistic Psychology
  • Daily recreation with a personal trainer, including yoga, walking, weight training, cardio
  • Adventure therapy, including hiking, ziplining, rafting, archery, horseback riding, rock wall climbing,
  • Life skill coaching, including strategies to practice self-care, build self-esteem, regulate anger, encourage cooperation and end manipulative behavior and laziness

RATIO FOR BOTH PROGRAMS is 1 client to 8 professionals, including Dr. Susie Gross.

The reason my system works is because I lived it from the wrong side. As we watched my son battle depression, anxiety and drug addiction, my husband and I were alone. We didn't know anyone, who had gone through the rehab process with success, we didn't know who to trust, and we didn't know where to find answers. I was powerless. After the suicide of my son I still looked for answers. I embarked on a doctoral degree to get the tools and the credibility as a professional. I became certified as an addictions counselor. I took seminars at Harvard Medical School, where I learned from brilliant minds on the cutting edge of research.

I set out to create a system for adolescents and adults that worked … a system that wasn't generic, but still followed best practice and best standard of care models. I set out to make sure that other patients and parents, going through the same horrific situation, didn't have to go through life wondering what they could have done differently.

When I created my system, I knew all of the potholes and mistakes made by therapists and treatment centers because I had lived them. I started by unraveling the "standard program" to get those struggling with relapse off of the rehab merry-go-round. I visited countless rehabs to find the top programs that meet my rigorous standards, based on my experience and education. Today I do not refer to any program I have not visited and I NEVER take a referral fee. My interventions never shame or ambush … and take place over a period of days, not hours.

Privately, I decided to create individual programs that would be tailored to the specific needs of privileged patients…patients who could afford a higher level of individualized care. I addressed their addictions and their specific set of destructive behavioral characteristics individually. I did not try to plug them into an existing hole.

Over time my model has been tailored to more-and-more high-net worth adults, who need a time out from high stress lifestyles … captains of industry and people in the spotlight, who cannot afford to have their treatment made public. I have been privileged to coach patients through the rigors of day to day life and provide ongoing concierge therapy after treatment. I continue taking courses and seminars to stay current.

I look at all attempts for treatment, no matter how many relapses, as a victory for all patients and parents, families and friends. I am privileged that this is my life’s work to honor my son’s memory.

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