An intervention is a choreographed effort by family and/or friends to get an individual into treatment. The term intervention is most often related to addiction to alcohol, drugs, sex, and gambling and other high-risk behaviors. Crisis intervention refers to the act of using an intervention technique in an immediate time frame or within a therapy session. Behavioral interventions help get individuals into treatment for self-harm, suicide, and other psychiatric disorders. It is not unusual for an intervention to have both addiction and behavioral components. In all cases early intervention is optimal.

As a result of the television series and movies, there is abundant misinformation on what an intervention is and is not. A typical intervention, conducted by me, is not a one-day event. It lasts from the first phone call to me through the last day of treatment at the facility. The intervention, itself, typically lasts for a few hours.

My intervention difference:

  • I am trained as a licensed psychologist and have the ability to diagnoses and handle psychological disorders as listed in the DSM-V. Most interventionists do not have advanced psychology degrees.
  • I do not sub-contract to other interventionists. You are guaranteed to have your intervention conducted exclusively by me.
  • I do not do a "dump and run" approach. I advocate for your loved one, monitoring treatment and communicating with the treatment team.
  • I provide a free weekly phone follow-up to the family.
  • I am licensed to provide family therapy to provide information and work on issues such as codependency and enabling. Addiction affects the entire family. (Excluded from intervention fee.)
  • I am licensed to provide intensive outpatient therapy (IOP) for addiction, so your loved one can be released to me for private intensive outpatient relapse prevention following treatment. (Excluded from intervention fee.)

As a leader in offering exclusive, discrete, and dignified intervention services, I strive to help adolescents and adults suffering from addiction and behavioral issues. My office is based in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. I also travel extensively throughout the U.S. to serve my exclusive roster of clients. I custom-fit each referral to fit the individual client's needs and refer to the top addiction and psychiatric treatment facilities. I do not accept incentives from facilities.

As a result of my own intervention experience with my son, who was addicted to heroin and committed suicide, I have a unique professional and personal perspective. I've participated in many interventions to get my son into treatment. I have the training and experience to respond rapidly and help you move from denial to reality to recovery.

Addiction is a disease and addicts need help. Without help they cannot and will not stop until the substance or behavior completely destroys their lives and/or kills them. I provide hope and proven results with my interventions. I offer what I needed most when I was suffering with my son's addiction...compassionate, non-judgemental support and experienced and professional intervention. If your loved one has an addiction problem, contact me today for a free phone consultation.

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