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I help adults and adolescents struggling with depression, anxiety, drug abuse, behavioral issues, and entitlement. I am an experienced board certified psychologist and drug and behavioral interventionist with a unique perspective; my son committed suicide after battling heroin addiction and depression. I offer what I needed most . . . a place to turn for support and compassionate treatment.

As a licensed psychologist, specializing in drug abuse and addiction, I am an expert in addiction and crisis intervention. I use evidence-based research as the foundation for creative strategies. I intervene when traditional treatment has failed or high net worth/high profile individuals need confidential, specialized treatment in a secure private setting.

Addiction has historically been tied to either a moral or disease model. While there are facets of each that may apply to an individual's situation, successful treatment extends beyond the reach of both of those models. I develop custom, patient-centered plans that treat the mind, body, soul, and environment. Whether you are just starting treatment or have tried everything else, you can expect help that is immediate, confidential, and comforting. My unique combination of supportive therapy, behavioral and drug intervention, and skilled team of professionals can help end the chaos. I offer hope when other strategies (e.g., numerous trips to rehabs) have failed.

PRIVATE INTENSIVE ONE-ON-ONE REHAB PROGRAMS are uniquely constructed on a case-by-case basis for individuals with addiction, depression or other mental health issues. These individuals must meet the criteria for a 12-14-day private, luxury retreat. Referrals are also available to leading accredited rehabs in the U.S.


Interventionist and Licensed Psychologist
Internationally Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor

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