As a licensed psychologist, licensed addiction counselor, interventionist, and parent, who lost a child to heroin addiction, I offer clients unique, integrative treatment. I am licensed to treat co-morbidity...which means treating two or more disorders or illnesses occurring in one individual (example: depression and addiction, conduct disorder and addiction). They can occur at the same time or one after the other.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (

  • Co-morbidity also implies interactions between illnesses that can worsen the course of both.
  • A fundamental principle from scientific research is the need to treat co-morbid conditions together.
  • Research further shows that people who have both a drug addiction and another mental illness often exhibit symptoms that are more persistent, severe, and resistant to treatment than patients, who have either disorder alone.

This is why it is ideal to seek treatment, therapy and crisis intervention with an individual, who is dual licensed in mental health and addiction.

Untangling the overlapping symptoms of psychological disorders and drug addiction (particularly, alcohol addiction, heroin addiction, and cocaine addiction) is complex. The correct diagnosis of both disorders is critical to ensuring effective treatment. “Ignorance of or failure to treat a comorbid disorder can jeopardize a patient’s chance of successful recovery (NIDA, 2008).”

Not only are all individuals unique, but also all treatment facilities across the U.S. have different specialties and populations. The relapse rate is high and many times relapse is the result of throwing darts at a map of treatment facilities for heroin addiction, cocaine addiction, and alcohol addiction. I do not refer to any addiction treatment center I have not visited and I follow all patients through treatment.

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